Hooyaah's FLCL Tv Review

Rated: 6

The presentation is once again, as the story line, just a bit too confusing as it jumps from one scene to another with little continuity and little to hold it all together in any recognizable semblance of a whole. I believe that the writers flubbed the opportunity to make an outstanding series. Regrettably, following the plot is a struggle, too say the very least and it is probably best for the new viewer of the series not to try and look for a plot but instead just let it deliver itself toward the end by surprise. There are some feeble attempts at humor, like the police detective, Kitsurubami, who is investigating Haruko. He has glued on rectangular black eyebrows that annoy and seem to confuse other characters, especially his female assistant.

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Hooyaah's Cowboy Bebop Tv Review

Rated: 10

Overall, I consider this as not only my personal favorite animated series, but as a masterpiece. All of the ingredients that are necessary in order to make a successful overall presentation are present in skillfully meted amounts. Sadly, I doubt that we will ever see a remake or a continuation of Cowboy BeBop, as it is very unlikely that the proper mix could ever again be realized, yet, I would not mind being mistaken in that assessment. I recommend this anime to those of you who love adventure and anime.

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  1. moritz Feb 18, 2018

    Quote by Hooyaah

    Quote by moritz Happy New Year Hooyaah !

    Thanks Moritz. I hope that you are well, kind sir.

    Hi Hoo ! Were you hibernating in a batcave ? ^~^ Do you know you have a new President ?

  2. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 25, 2018

    Quote by Hooyaah ¡ Feliz Navidad Angi! Que Dios te bendiga ricamente en el año que viene.

    Thanks! sorry for the late reply heh

  3. moritz Jan 01, 2018

    Happy New Year Hooyaah !


  4. UberDog Dec 24, 2017

    Quote by Hooyaah Merry Christmas bro!

    Right back at you Brother. May you also have a prosperous New Year as well. *Bro-fist*

  5. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 23, 2017

    Quote by Hooyaah Merry Christmas Bunny!

    and a very merry Christmas to you as well Hoo!


  6. UberDog Dec 07, 2017

    Quote by Hooyaah Tyrant Lizard

    Reptiles Banging a large metal disc is far more safe than Giant Radioactive Lizards "Ganging a Bong" !

  7. Angi Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2017

    Quote by Hooyaah ¡ feliz cumpleaños Angi!

    thanks~ :)

  8. superkabog Nov 30, 2017

    ...hey hoo!

  9. DontTellDad Nov 23, 2017

    steve... i sent you a pm !

  10. DontTellDad Nov 23, 2017

    Quote by Hooyaah
    Cowboy Bebop is my all-time favorite anime. You would probably like it; here's a link to Hooyaah's Cowboy Bebop Review.

    In a sense, some boys never truly transition fully into manhood. However, when men are having fun together they become boisterous and sometimes act like kids. It's all about blowing off steam and having a bit of fun. You're not attracted to those friends are you? It's really best for you to find a man close to your age to get to know and be friends with. Take my word about this, never rush into anything and let a relationship develop over time. Don't let your heart do the thinking for you. You have to feel that it's right but the actual progression from friendship has to make sense. I hope that you have a few friends to talk to who can provide good advice.

    You naughty little thing, you aren't old enough to be drinking. It's not really good for your mind at your age. You really should wait a few years and even then you should exercise moderation. Boys can take advantage of you if you drink too much and even one drink leads to another and then inhibition flies out the window.

    i read your review and wow! it was really good and so i made a comment there. im going to find it a watch it... even ask for it for christmas... thank you a lot! is it ok if i friend you? i hope so anyway...

    youre right about those wild boys when they come over all hollering and carrying on the way they do... my dad has fun when they come over too. i am sort of attracted to them... sorry... but i mean they are hot dammit but i dont expect anything to happen okay... my dads there after all. thanks for the advice and ill try to remember and be careful... how bout if i just dont drink around boys? thanks for careing steve... im glad you arent my dad... for more than one reason i can think of ;p

  11. DontTellDad Nov 22, 2017

    Quote by Hooyaah

    Quote by DontTellDad

    that makes sense... i guess

    i see then... wow... i mean for real? i didnt know there was a faq... nobody told me o_o

    whats your name? can i ask how old you are?

    My name is Steve, but here they call me "Hoo." Sure, you may ask. I will reply by informing you that my daughter is eighteen, the same age as you. Therefore, I am old enough to be your father.

    really? and you like anime too? whats your favorite one? my dads friends come over for sports parties and a couple of them are totally hot! they all act like big kids and yell at the screen alot XD dont you boys ever grow up steve?

    sometimes when they arent looking i sneak a beer from the frige... the first time it tasted awful but now i kinda like it

  12. DontTellDad Nov 21, 2017

    Quote by Hooyaah

    I'm a trained observer, Hannah. I look at facts and afterward I make an assessment based on the data and the most likely answers just come to me. There's no real magic to it. If you liked Facebook or other forms of social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat you would likely not spend much time here.

    I use green font because it makes my posts stand out. That way I am able to quickly identify my posts and I believe that they are easier to read. I'm assuming that your query regarding my knowledge is as it is relative to this website. I have been a member here for quite some time and I even wrote the Minitokyo FAQ back when I was a site moderator. I now am a moderator at another website totally unrelated to this one.

    that makes sense... i guess

    i see then... wow... i mean for real? i didnt know there was a faq... nobody told me o_o

    whats your name? can i ask how old you are?

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