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Hooyaah's FLCL Tv Review


Rated: 6

The presentation is once again, as the story line, just a bit too confusing as it jumps from one scene to another with little continuity and little to hold it all together in any recognizable semblance of a whole. I believe that the writers flubbed the opportunity to make an outstanding series. Regrettably, following the plot is a struggle, too say the very least and it is probably best for the new viewer of the series not to try and look for a plot but instead just let it deliver itself toward the end by surprise. There are some feeble attempts at humor, like the police detective, Kitsurubami, who is investigating Haruko. He has glued on rectangular black eyebrows that annoy and seem to confuse other characters, especially his female assistant.

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Hooyaah's Cowboy Bebop Tv Review

Cowboy Bebop

Rated: 10

Overall, I consider this as not only my personal favorite animated series, but as a masterpiece. All of the ingredients that are necessary in order to make a successful overall presentation are present in skillfully meted amounts. Sadly, I doubt that we will ever see a remake or a continuation of Cowboy BeBop, as it is very unlikely that the proper mix could ever again be realized, yet, I would not mind being mistaken in that assessment. I recommend this anime to those of you who love adventure and anime.

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